Be more confident at selecting talents

We are the online Standard and Poor's for employees.
We give your candidates a rating before you decide to hire them (or not).

Applicants Insight

Getting the right insight about candidates abilities during your selection process is great input. It used to be only accessible to major companies. It is not true anymore.

Our tests can be accessed from every devices, and does not require any training or certification in occupational psychology. The results are provided in real-time, just after the candidates finished their testing session.

Step 1 : Invite your candidates

As a Psychometra customer, you recieve your own invitation link. Just sent it by email to the candidates you would like to assess.

Step 2 : Your candidates take the assessment

Your candidates will be able to take the testing session in our secured cloud environement. They will be automatically put in your private area thanks to your invitation link.

Our testing plateform runs on a dedictaed psychometric environement using extensive statistical analysis to tailor the questions level to the candidate level. This is far away from a classical form you could put online, that may certainly lake of reliability from an assessment point of view.

Step 3 : You know who you would love to invite for an interview

As soon as your a candidate finalized an assessment, you recieve a detailed report by email.

You can also access you personnalized dasboard to order candidates and get the whole picture.

Step 4 : You recieve objective data with a correlation with professional success

You will never be the smartest personn in the room, sorry to tell you that. But it's not so bad, right?

Psychometra allows you to avoid costly hiring mistakes, and you will benefit from working with efficient people. Enjoy your sharp colleagues and boost your business! Your co-workers are your most important asset.

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