Psychometra Tests are now available in SmartRecruiters Marketplace

At Psychometra, we are dedicated to publish psychometric assessments that everybody can use. We provide the recruitment assessment tools you need to ensure you are hiring the right person for the job.

But when it comes to handle job postings, applicants, resumes, interviews, you should use the best tools to better assist management of resumes and applicant information. And this is where SmartRecruiters comes in.

The partnership between Psychomeyra and SmartRecruiters allow any Human Ressource Experts or Recruiters to assign their applicants to Psychometra Fluid Abilities tests in a blink of an eye, directly from their SmartRecruiters application.

Benefit from the best of the 2 worlds : Online Psychometrics and Applicant Tracking System in the recruitment industry to include the ability to automate the recruitment process via a defined workflow.

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