Psychometra keeps reinventing the world of online psychometrics by bringing the power of professional tests to the sport community.

As a coach, in your selection process, do you use any specific psychometric tests or any standardized routines that are verifiable? We do it for you.

Our package for sport teams are based on several tests :

  • A sport motivation test, to evaluate the reason why the athletes is training and want to join a top teams;
  • A cognitiv abilities test, divided into 2 sections. We consider Fluid intelligence and adaptability in a stress context.
  • A general personnality test to classify players and ensure they fit in a team. You can also check if your coaching style is aligned with the way your players are thinking.

Now, you can make confident selection decisions based on facts and players abilities. On top of physical conditions, sport knowledge and technical abilities that you already look at in detail, you have a whole picture of your athletes thanks to Psychonetra.

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At Psychometra, we do our best to reinvent the quality and expertise in psychometric assessments, in a way that will benefit your company. Because we understand and respect your needs, you can rest assure that by using our Reasoning (Fluid Intelligence) and Personality Tests, you can: Save time and energy during the recruiting process. We will make sure our tests reveal if a candidate is suitable for a position in your company. This saves time and energy, while also offering a solid insight into the compatibility of a prospective candidate and the available job Have a better understanding of the candidates that wish to be part of your company, by revealing their strong points and positive traits, as well as their weak points. From there onwards, you can plan an entire strategy for your future employees, one that will help them and the company in the same time Have access to the hidden characteristics of the human mind and personality. In a time where professionalism and expertise is not enough to deliver excellent results and quality, the extra factors might very well be hidden in particular traits of your prospective candidates and future employees. So why miss the chance to explore and encourage the development of personal traits – an action that can prove to have a great positive impact in the future growth of your company? In a competitive environment, it is indeed difficult to find the right candidates and to keep them. Knowing their skills, analytic abilities, the way they prefer to resolve problems and their personality traits can be just enough to make them feel and know how much you value “the whole package”.


Psychometric testing of Fluid Intelligence (Reasoning) We have two Reasoning tests which can be used in testing the Fluid Intelligence of a candidate. What does this mean, precisely? It means that by completing a [timed] test sheet, the candidate will be evaluated in terms of rapid reasoning and abstract thinking. A report will be sent upon task completion containing a comprehensive explanation about the strong and weak points of the candidate. Based on this report, you can decide if the candidate is the best fit for the role. Psychometric testing of Personality (Big-Five Trait) Our Personality test uses the foundation of the Big-Five Trait Inventory, covering individual native aspects. By completing such a test, the candidate will be evaluated in terms of character traits such as passion, motivation, anxiety, a call-to-action person, introvert or extravert, social or loner, dominant, anxious or subordinated and more. Each of these traits will be reported as being strongly or weakly present in the candidate’s nature. A report will be sent to you upon candidate’s task completion, containing explanations. Based on this report, you can decide if the candidate is a right cultural fit in the organization.


Wondering how it is done? Easier than saying “You are Hired!”. After the payment has been confirmed, you receive a link to the tests, which you can share or email to the candidate(s) using a specific keyword. As candidates complete the tests, you receive their reports and rank them based on results. This will allow you to filter and invite to an interview only the best candidates. For every question, there is an answer. We hope that if you ever have any, you will get in touch with us.

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