Psychometric tests for entrepreneurs

Do invest in them only if they are worth it

Cognitives abilities and Personality tests

We are providing online assessments targeting entrepreneurs and managers. Psychometric screening tools measure future upside potential rather than traditional risk management tools used by banks for debt contracts, which only measure downside risk. Business Angels and Venture Capitalists get another insight to take the right investing decisions.

We are providing online psychometric assessments to VCs and financial institutions. We rank the entrepreneurs, not their projects.

Succesfull entrepreneurs rank high in our tests, and not so good managers do achieve so well. Our platform is available from everywhere, you can ask the entrepreneurs you want to invest in to do the tests at home, and you get their profiles in real-time.

Share your personal adress with the business owners your are interested in invest in. Access you back-office page to look at reports and rankings of your investment targets.

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Psychometra keeps reinventing the world of online psychometrics by bringing the power of professional tests to the investing world.

As a Business Angel or financial institution, your are already looking carefully at the project and the knowledge and skills of the startup-owners you are analyzing. Our tests provide a new angle to look at the entrepreneurs before investing in a startup.

Our package for business angels are based on several tests :

  • A Fluid Intelligence test, strongly correlated with cognitive abilities;
  • A personality test to evaluate chance of success in entrepreneurship.

Now, you can make confident investment decisions based on facts and entrepreneurs abilities.

Look now at candidate access and check if our psychometric meets your requirements.

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