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Who is Psychometra?

Psychometra.com is an online psychometric tests publisher, providing assessments and a techincal platform to host Item Response Theory tests.

Psychometrics is the science that studies all measurement techniques practiced in psychology, and technical validation of these measures. These techniques apply to all fields of psychology, and other related areas of science (such as research in consumer behavior, for example) but they were mainly developed originally for measuring intellectual performance (mental ages or IQ, development quotients in early childhood, etc..) or for the analysis of the components of personality (emotional, emotions, relationships with others, etc..). It is the science of measuring the mind, which became a science by introducing the arithmetic calculation in the phenomena of mind.

Fluid Abilities Testing Made Easy

Performing a psychometric assessment of "fluid" abilities as part of a hiring process allows a company to evaluate applicants’ problem solving-capabilities, their ability to learn novel tasks and then use those measures to predict real-world performance in the workplace (Postlethwaite, 2011). This makes "fluid" abilities to be the number one requirement for todays’ high-tech and engineering companies. Their strict requirements of personnel quality along with a greatly diversified workload and the need to keep up with ever increasing technology advancements have heightened competition making hiring based on static job characteristics an obsolete practice, forcing employers to re-evaluate their hiring selection approaches (Lievens, Van Dam, & Anderson, 2002; Chien & Chen, 2008). What is more, due to the heightened competition these industries need to hire personnel keen to solve problems successfully and add to the firm’s knowledge creation capabilities (Smith, Collins, & Clark, 2005).

Why choose Psychometra?

Fluid ability represents novel or abstract problem solving capability and is considered to be related with one’s ability to tackle problems in any settings (Postlethwaite, 2011). Our psychometric tests assess participants’ capabilities to solve problems through examining their ability to apply logic and analytical thinking to resolve a number of cases. Those cases are presented in the form of 6x6 matrixes that ask participants to identify the missing element among them, as well as in the form of analogies and logical sequences. Assessing “fluid” abilities is important as they address individuals’ capabilities to perform an insightful perception of the situations that they face. Those abilities can be seen separately from individuals’” crystallized abilities” that refers to habits that have been long established rather than individuals’ ability to tackle novel tasks. Psychometra assessments are built using Item Response Theory, it means that each candidate get a unique session. The test selects questions for the purpose of maximizing the precision of the assessment based on what is known about the candidate from previous questions. The difficulty of the assessment is tailored to candidates’ level of ability. It drastically decreases the number of cheating candidates, and allows the employer to get a high quality of evaluation.

Key challenges related to fluid capabilities.

  • Be ahead in the “War of Talent” : A common aim of small and large corporations is to plan and perform an effective talent management strategy. A challenge that has been discussed greatly in the literature is the competition for highly talented employees and the need to develop strategies to attract and retain the ones that can demonstrate the required capabilities (McDonell, 2011).
  • Reduce limitations of hiring strategies : Reviews of companies’ hiring strategies often show that psychometric testing can predict prospective employees’ job success more accurately than their work-experience, job characteristics, and employment interviews alone (Schmidt & Hunter, 1998). Thus, companies are called to understand and apply the science of psychometrics in their recruitment strategy.
  • Increase your production rate : Management consulting and audit firms, high-tech and engineering companies are operating within a highly competitive market and are in need of maintaining high levels of production rates at all time. Consultants are often called to close a work demanding case in a short timeframe. High-tech and engineering need to maintain a highly effective production line that is able to launch a product before their competitors. Therefore, those industries need to hire personnel that can live up to these demands.

How partnering with Psychometra can help you overcome these challenges?

If you decide to partner with Psychometra:

  • You will get a tool to identify and select the individuals that exhibit qualities that can make them most likely to be successful when hired.
  • You will be able to get a complete assessment of your prospective employees’ problem-solving capabilities.
  • You will be given a competitive advantage as you will be able to identify highly talented candidates whose skills not only will match your job requirements but will also exhibit capabilities that can make them top performers.

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