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We are providing online assessments for pre-screening and recruitment. We also validate psychometric tests and ensure your assessments meet international standard.

We are providing online psychometric assessments to business organization. Our tests are regularly updated based on the new norms generated by our thousands of users per month.

We are more accurate than the majority of the online assessments. Our platform is available from everywhere, you do not need to maintain any IT system.

Buy some credits online, and share your personal link with your candidates. Access you back-office page to look at reports and rankings of your candidates.

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Psychometra keeps reinventing the world of online psychometrics by bringing the power of Item Response Theory to everyone.

Before we launched in 2013, reliable psychometric testing was out of reach for almost everyone except corporate giants. Not only was online testing expensive and time-consuming, it required in-house or outside expertise to develop a test and analyze output in a way that everyone could understand and act on.

We are using IQ Room's break-through technology and our proprietary tests have changed all that. Now companies of all types can access powerful, state-of-the-art psychometric testing tools and pre-screening solutions using our turnkey, easy-to-use and affordable online system.

Now, you can make confident hiring decisions based on facts and candidates abilities. IQ Room keeps reinventing the world of psychometric assessment by bringing the power of professional testing to everyone.

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